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Ashish Sidapara

Superb series, awesome stuff!


i remember being in the cockpit and watching these derbies (uh, work-related), and i could not even watch the whole proceeding. mainly because i am more entranced at how the people just "cheer" and react to the whole thing.

to say that it's crazy is an understatement.


Sidney, what a coincidence! I wrote about "sabong" too and I said I've never been inside a cockpit. Seeing your photos now is as good as having seen an actual cockfight ... in fact, better because of the close-up photos. Very interesting!


Ouch... but it captures the action very well! Well shot! :)


That's the sad part of sabong,where one is losing manok & some pesos


Another great series. Not something I agree with, but I like knowing more about it.


well, a stunning and inevitable finale to this terrific series of shots. I really have been impressed by your work here.

Chris Vallancourt

Another great series, Sidney. You really manage to capture life.


Incredible documentary style images. Cock fighting has been illegal here for years, but occasionally the police raid somewhere and its in progress.


words and photos are great as usual

Jide Alakija

Now what I don't understand is how they get them to fight in the first place.


These shots are gripping.
The fight is over. What the owner of the dead rooster does with?

Gérard Méry

Image saisisante, bon reportage, des combats interdits en France. bonne journée. et merci de vos visites.


galing ng blog mo!

check this out:

link mine to yours and i will link you to mine.

maraming salamat!

Major Tom

Gruesome sometimes, but like "Spolarium", you just captured the drama behind these fighting cocks, which have become the interest of many of our countrymen...


Isn't the referee concerned for his own safety with all those blades on the cocks?


I'm aware that some birds die in cockfighting. But it's still something to see it in pictures.


vivid action and wonderful display of local colors.


the defeated cock will be cooked by the owner of the other cock. real looser.


I am not promoting cockfighting but when I was young, our family raised free-range chickens in our land. We had roosters. The ones we named were spared from being eaten, they died of old age and were buried. My Mother did not allow us to name many chickens :-), only 3 actually. 2 hens and 1 rooster.

The roosters would constantly fight on their own. I think they were asserting their dominance over each other. In a sense, there were constant cockfights in our land but nobody was making bets or watching and sometimes I would hose them down to stop the fight. Roosters are just like any male of the species, they always fight! :-) and need to be cooled off with a shower!


great capture!!...but kinda sad feeling to it:-))


Brilliant documentation ..

Ashwathy Nair

Great photos, as always!


A bit grisly, but fine shooting as always.


They say the dead roosters are put in tinola.

I dunno if it's true!

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